Friday, October 15, 2010

Gardening is Over in My Backyard

I really wish I could have my vegetable and fruit garden going year round.  I love gardening.  It has so many benefits.  Not only do you get fresh produce (pesticide-free), but it also provides great physical exercise.  It's great for the mind too -- you get a sense of serenity when you're gardening and it also brings out the creativity in you, as you're always deciding on what to plant and where to plant it to design your outdoor "room".  I love the beauty of nature.  For now, I have to stick to garden clean-up ... great exercise but no more fruits and veggies to pick.  It won't be long though before I'm already planning for Spring planting!

Besides over-wintering my herbs and a few pepper plants, here's another option to continue gardening over winter....without the labour.  Great gift for a gardener too!

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