Friday, October 8, 2010

Lower Fat Eating

There are alot of ways to cut fats in your meals.
  1. Use lower fat versions of butter, creams, mayonnaise such as no fat sour cream.  Most foods are available in lower fat without sacrificing taste and texture.
  2. Substitute sugar in recipes by using unsweetened applesauce or pureed prunes.  Different fruit baby foods can be used too.  The vegetable pureed baby foods can also be used in soups for an extra flavouring.
  3. Use lower fat versions of cheeses (skim milk types) or low fat/non-fat cottage and ricotta cheeses.
  4. Remove skin from poultry before cooking.
  5. Replace recipes requiring ground beef with extra lean beef or lean ground turkey/chicken.
  6. Bake/broil rather than frying foods.
  7. Oil sprayers are great for oiling pans lightly or misting salads.
I have one similar to this.  It's so handy. Great price too!

Kitchen Collection Oil Sprayer

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