Monday, November 8, 2010

Great Comparison Shopping Website

I just discovered a great shopping website called  On this site you can shop for practically anything and research the products at the same time.  They have thousands of items to choose from.  When you search for an item at, you can search based on your own preferred criteria such as pricing (low to high - high to low), reviews, customers opinions.

Comparison shopping is such a time saver and a money saver.  With everyone's busy schedules these days, who has the time to compare prices and quality of millions of items at over 5000 retailers? Definitely not me.

I'm in the market for new appliances.  I personally do not enjoy mall/store shopping and I especially don't enjoy shopping for appliances -- going from store to store to find the best deal and still not knowing it is the best deal.  I checked out the stoves here:


and didn't realize there are so many to choose from -- styles I didn't even know existed -- ranges with cathedral doors, wide 36" ovens, etc.  Those ones are beyond my price range but it's nice to see them and dream, then return to reality into my price range and style for my kitchen lol.

I didn't realize freezers came in so many sizes and styles also - check them out here:


I just need a small one as it's only the two of us at home.  Now that I see so many space saving ones available, I may purchase a bigger one.

I don't need a new BBQ yet but I wanted to see what was out there since Christmas is around the corner.  Wow! Am I out of it when it comes to modern BBQ grilles.  There sure are some elaborate ones out there.....some are so huge...look at some of them!

BBQ Grilles

I just wish I could forget about the new stove I need and put a big BBQ in my kitchen instead.  They're so nice and our summers are so short.  I would get more use out of one indoors. 

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