Gardening Enjoyment

Now that it is summer, alot of my time has been spent in the garden.  There is nothing better tasting than freshly picked fruits and vegetables right from your own back yard - plus they're pesticide-free!  Salads are so flavourful.  It's easy to grow different varieties of lettuce, spinach and radishes right on your patio in pots and they are ready to harvest in a short time.

The first harvest of my gardening year is always asparagus.  Asparagus is a perennial plant and very easy to grow.  All you do is plant it once and then reap the benefits for many, many years.  The more you pick, the more that will grow.  We also have a big strawberry patch in our yard.  They were ready for picking in mid-June.  This year's yield was quite large.

Now that it is late July, it's time to go out blueberry picking.  Our Northern Ontario forests are full of healthy blueberries.  We picked 2 baskets plus in no time and we are planning on picking alot more.  We recently added a freezer to our  home appliances.

It's a smaller one since it's only the two of us here and it fits right in our kitchen.  It is so handy.  Now was can freeze alot of our fresh produce in order to be able to enjoy them in healthy recipes during our long winter months, something we weren't able to do before.  Also, we can now take advantage of grocery store sales and buy extra to freeze.  Making extra freezer meals is another bonus for those days where you don't feel like cooking.

This summer has been hotter than usual....and it's not over yet.  I better leave some space in the freezer for more harvesting to come!


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