Saturday, April 20, 2013

Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie

It was another crappy weather day in Timmins yesterday.  Since I didn't go for my daily walk, I decided to try Chocolate Covered Katie's Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie.  Her recipes are all sooooo good!!  

My version didn't quite look like her's but it was still so good!  I noticed on her recipe, she used a Firm Silken Tofu.  All I had was a soft so mine had a softer texture.  I didn't add the sugar and I used black strap molasses for a little boost of iron.  I made my own graham crust.  Since I didn't have enough graham, I added a bit of crushed cereal to the graham mix, which gave a nice flavour.  I kind of burnt the crust....oooops.....but it actually really tasted good!

Here's the original recipe on Katie's great site.

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