Fake Baked Beans and Pizza Sticks Bread Pudding

Everything in moderation is healthy especially if you're having fun. We like trying different international beers but that comes with the feeling of not wanting to cook and ordering a pizza instead.  Well instead of ordering a pizza, like usual on these fun drinking nights, we decided to make a somewhat healthy meal by faking some baked beans.

In a baking dish:

1 can of baked beans (that's the faking part lol)
1 green pepper
tons of chopped garlic
1 chopped onion
handful of spinach
some cubed turkey Polish sausage
about 1/4 cup of beer

Bake at 350 degrees F for about 1/2 hour or so.

The next night was a different story.  We caved and did order a pizza.....YUM!!  It came with those garlic bread sticks that we don't usually eat.  Well, this time, we made a recipe out of them.  Again....not the healthiest, since the bread sticks are white bread.....but moderation is the key.

We cubed them all up and made a bread pudding with them.  So good!!

Whisk 5 or more eggs with milk, parmesan and spices and pour over the bread and let soak for a bit.  Then add chopped up various veggies and stir it in.  Add cheeses, more spices....whatever.   Bake and enjoy .... and work out a little harder to burn it off!! lol