Exercise Safety Tips

Exercise Safety Tips
by Amy Backer

For people who want to lose weight and get trim there are a variety of exercise options out there. Pilates classes can be a great way for beginners to learn isometric exercises which help to tone and strengthen muscles. Yoga classes can be a great way to get stronger and improve balance and coordination but most power yoga classes are done by fitness teachers that are not trained that well in body mechanics and anatomy so the risk of getting injured if you go to a power yoga or vinyasa yoga class is higher. If you do to a yoga class then it's best to start with a gentle or restorative class. If you want a more challenging or strengthing yoga class then it's best to start with Iyengar yoga since iyengar teachers are extremely well-versed in alignment, anatomy and bio-mechanics and are thorougly trained to work with injuries, limiting condtions, and they can help to rehabilitate injured bodies.

Walking is often a safe way to start to exercise since it's not high impact on your joints. Avoid hills when you are first starting and make sure to wear solid walking shoes. Make sure you are walking fast enough to keep a good pace, so you will be nice and sweaty after a few minutes. You can also just go walking with a friend in order to make it a more social activity. Even kids love to go on a fun walk so bring them along as well.

Another great safe way to exercise is swimming. There is no weight on your joints, so this is the sport you are least likely to get injured in. This is a fun way to exercise with your family, so it's a great way to be able to spend time with your family as well as get a greta workout. If you are just standing or laying on a raft in a pool you won't burn any calories, so you can do something like volleyball or throw a ball the pool or water aerobics to make sure you are getting a good workout.

If you are new to working out then you want to be cautious about lifting weights or using weight machines since you can get injured if you use the machines improperly. Work with a fitness trainer when you are first starting to use weights to make sure you are using them properly and in the most efficient way possible.

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